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Regalia-Making Video Classes 

Learn to Design, Cut and Sew Your Own Jingle Dress 

Affordable Monthly Subscription

Rooted in Anishinaabe 

Connect With Others On Your Journey 

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Excited to Make Your Own Regalia

But Not Sure Where to Begin? 
I'm Here to Help! 

Over the last two decades, I've taught so many students how to design and sew their own Regalia from scratch. Now, I've turned my in-person classes into helpful videos you can watch from home.

You want to make your own Regalia so you can experience the joy of reclaiming your culture. But it can be overwhelming to know how and where to begin. I never want any of my students to feel alone in the process of making Regalia, so I created a series of videos that walk you step-by-step through each stage of designing, cutting and sewing your Regalia (and I am continually adding to the collection with new, helpful lessons!) 

With a monthly subscription, you can access a video library that help you learn as you go, and overcome any challenges you might face. For only $20/month, you can get all the guidance you need to start and finish your Regalia patterns!

Here's A Quick Tip from One of My Course Videos

Sewing Exercises

Get helpful advice and step-by-step instructions just like this with a monthly membership to my Regalia-making virtual course. 

What this Subscription Includes:

Your monthly membership includes the following:

  • Video instruction on designing, cutting and sewing all patterns available through my store

  • Monthly sewing circles for community-building

  • Access to the Facebook group so you can ask questions and receive extra support 


Meet Your Teacher, Deanne Hupfield

Indigenous Arts Educator. Powwow Dance Teacher.
Cultural Competency Keynote Speaker. 

Every Indigenous person deserves to know and experience their culture so they can heal and pass it on to the next generation. Learning to make your own Regalia and dancing powwow connects you to your culture, yourself and others in our community. 

I’m Deanne Hupfield, a powwow dance teacher and Indigenous arts educator. I create Regalia patterns and online Regalia-making tutorials for Indigenous people who want to reconnect with their culture. 

Over the last 20 years, I’ve taught thousands of Indigenous students how to make their own Regalia and dance powwow.

Participating in powwow dance and fashion started my healing journey. I want to share this healing experience with you too. 

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Helpful Videos
for Beginners and Experts

No matter your skill level, I've created my videos so that you can learn the basics and higher-level skills at your own pace. With a monthly membership, you can revisit demos and instructions as many times as you need. 

My most successful students have enjoyed the video lessons, because it's helped them face challenges and fix mistakes with clear advice, and confidence.

...Her tutorial videos are very detailed, and she breaks it down in simple and easy to follow steps.  I especially like the fact, you can work at it at your own pace, there is no weekly scheduled meetings, you just sign into her webpage to watch the videos, learn the no rush or pressure to get it done within a specific timeframe!!!  I would suggest her workshops to anyone who is interested in learning to make a regalia. Best investment ever!!  


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So many Indigenous people have lost access to our shared culture and traditions. By learning to make your own Regalia and powwow dance, you can reconnect to your culture.
You belong here.

This course is for you if:
- You are an Indigenous person looking to make their own Regalia 
- You are a survivor or descendant of survivors of I.R.S. and the 60’s Scoop 
- You are ready to reconnect with a culture that was taken from you 
- You recognize the wisdom and healing our culture holds 
- You’re looking for a group of like-minded Indigenous people who are on the same journey as you 
- You’re ready to feel strong, proud and beautiful in your custom made Jingle Dress
- You want to learn more about powwow culture but aren’t sure where to begin

Here's How It Works

I've made it really easy for you to get started no matter what level of experience you have with sewing. 

Select Your Pattern

I will mail you the pattern after you've ordered it. It should arrive within 2 weeks (or 4-6 weeks for international orders). 

Become a Member

I'll walk you through foundational sewing skills, how to use your sewing machine, and a practice session first. Then from there, we'll start designing your very own Regalia! 

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Make Your Regalia

Once you’ve finalized your design, you are ready to turn your Regalia into living art made to fit your body. Show up at your next powwow with style and confidence!

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  • Can a non-Indigenous person buy this course?
    I please ask that non-Indigenous people do not purchase my course for personal use or teaching purposes. If you are a non-Indigenous person, you can support my work and other Indigenous people by donating my courses to Indigenous people. Please contact me if you would like to donate a course. If you are looking for an Indigenous arts educator to speak to your class I can take bookings through this form. *My courses and their contents have been made to connect with Indigenous people and help my community heal from the specific taumas we have experienced from colonialism, I.R.S. and the 60's Scoop. Replaiming our culture by making and wearing Realia is a sacred part of our healing process that we reserve for those of us who have grown up in Indigenous communities. By reserving my courses for Indigenous peoples, I also hope to prevent the spread of cultural appropriation in western fashion and culture. Thank you for for respecting and understanding.
  • What if I don't have a sewing machine?
    It's okay, I didn't have a sewing machine when I began making Regalia either! I borrowed machines from my Aunties when I first began. I highly recommend reaching out to people in your family and community to borrow their sewing machine while you create your Regalia- it's an amazing opportunity to connect with family who could share shills and wisdom with you along your journey. You can also try looking at garage sales or online Buy&Sell platforms like Facebook Marketplace. Of course hand sewing is always an option, it will just add time to the project.
  • Do you have children’s sizes?
    Yes! My patterns come in jr. girls sizes ranging from size 7/8-15/16. And I have toddler Ribbon Skirt Patterns available now.
  • How long do I have access to the course?
    As long as you make your payments monthly you will have access. The great thing about this is you can use it as needed.
  • What is your size range for patterns?
    Pattern sizes range from XS-4X in adult women's sizes and 7/8-15/16 in children's sizes and 2T to 6T in Toddler sizes.
  • How can I learn more about powwow culture?
    How can I learn more about powwow culture? Powwow culture was a safe, healing way for me to begin accessing my culture growing up. I'd highly recommend it as a starting point for you too! You can learn more about powwow culture: From me on my Youtube channel- How to Powwow Dance From Listening to podcasts like Twisted Histories, Unreserved, and Powwow Pitch
  • How will making Regalia help me heal from the trauma of colonization?
    Of course there are many ways we can heal from our traumatic experiences and histories. But for me, making and dancing in Regalia has helped me feel beautiful and strong again. Making Regalia for myself (and loved ones) feels like a spiritual act. I can stitch my ancestors' histories back together, closing the gap that was put between us through colonialism. So much has been taken from us, but when I am wearing my Regalia, I feel close to my culture again, like I have finally come home.
  • What if I need additional support to finish?
    When you sign up for a Regalia-making course, you'll get access to our private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, share your progress and cheer each other on. I'll monitor the page for any questions you may have.
  • What knowledge level do I need to make my own Regalia?
    What knowledge level do I need to make my own Regalia? You will need to be able to follow along with written and video instructions independantly. The hardest part for me was learning to thread a sewing machine properly. That is what cause the most problems in my first 10 years of sewing. Follow your machines instruction manual or check out Youtube for How to thread tutorials :D Also know your dress won't be perfect but that is ok :D We will learn by taking action <3
  • Are there any grants available to help me cover the costs of this course?
    Are there any grants available to help me cover the costs of this course? Recently I had a student who was able to get funding through Jordan's Principle to purchase my course. It's always worth looking into funding opportunities when they arise. Also look into Canada Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council and National Indian Brotherhood. Possibly the Dreamcatcher Fund as well.
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