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Reclaim the Power of
Indigenous Culture

Make Your Own Regalia

Easy to Follow

Move at your own pace! You will enjoy the learning process with easy-to-use patterns and step-by-step video classes.

Adult & Junior Sizes

We offer a range of patterns in Adult sizes XS - 4X and Junior Sizes 7/8-15/16. 

Make as a Community

Our patterns and video tutorials are a great project to do as a family, community, social group or classroom. 

Making Regalia
is Cultural Revival

Let's Decolonize and return to Culture

Our Indigenous culture has been subject to oppression, racism, and cultural appropriation for centuries. 
When we wear our Regalia, we are taking back what has been stolen from us:
our birthright to express our history, our creativity, our sacred traditions and our stories.

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Regalia Patterns for Your Powwow Dance Style: 

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Find Healing Through Regalia

As a daughter of a 60’s Scoop survivor, our shared trauma threatened to permanently cut us off from participating in our culture. Making, wearing and dancing in Regalia has been a powerful part of my healing journey. Reconnecting to my culture through fashion and dance has brought me and my family back home to the life I was always meant to live.
I want you to experience this healing too.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Over 20 years of teaching experience. Thousands of students from across Turtle Island.

Over 200, 000 views on viral dance video.

Recently I’ve been on a personal journey of expressing, developing, and reclaiming my identity by re-learning my culture, language and heritage. Along the way there’s been mistakes made, lessons learned and a new awakening inside me. As a young girl, I danced in my ribbon dress in hopes of one day making a fancy shawl. I grew up and lost that dream, only to realize in these past years how precious those teachings were. Today I’m eager to continue that journey with the Jingle Dress.


Make Your Own Regalia

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Ready to Make Your Own Regalia? 

Shop the store or visit our FAQ's to get your questions answered. 

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What is Regalia? 

Regalia is the name for the clothing that we as Indigenous people wear to important events and ceremonial gatherings, especially powwows. 

Regalia is not a costume. It is living art we wear to honour and practice our culture. It's traditional and sacred because each one tells a story – our individual stories, our ancestral stories, our community's stories and our culture's stories. 

Learn About Regalia

How Will You Personalize Your Regalia?

Customize your design with colours, fabrics, beadwork, appliqué and accessories so you can tell your story in your own way.

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When you personalize your Regalia with colours, symbols and materials that are meaningful to you, your Regalia can tell a story. 

Your story can inspire the healing journey of others in your community, and revitalize the cultural traditions that are our Indigenous birthright. 

What story will you share with the world?

Your connection to your community.

Your healing journey.

Your relationship with the land.

Your family history.

The values you live by.

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Making your own Regalia means you'll have traditional skills 
that you can pass on to our next generation.

What if the next generation of Indigenous children were connected to their culture from the start? When your cultural revival begins, it will continue on with them. 

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