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How Does Regalia Help Us Heal? 

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“I Finally Felt Like I Belonged”

I know what it's like to feel like you don't belong. I grew up in a racist town where it was unsafe for me to exist as an Indigenous person.  I had an insecure home life in between foster care and living in poverty with my mom, who was a survivor of the 60's Scoop. We couldn't afford new clothes and everywhere I looked I saw how colonization was affecting my community. I didn't feel at safe anywhere, not even in my own body. But powwow culture changed all of this for me. As I learned to powwow dance and make Regalia I learned how to feel comfortable, and powerful, in my body. I finally felt at home. My healing began here.

Today, I feel most beautiful when I am dancing powwow in the Regalia I made for myself. I want you to feel this same confidence when you make your own Regalia. 

Regalia Brings Together
Powerful Parts of Our Culture

When we immerse ourselves in the experience of making, wearing and dancing in our Regalia, we can heal individually and collectively.


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Learn About Regalia

Part of the Regalia-making journey is learning the different parts of our traditional fashion.Let's reclaim our culture by learning about powwow fashion.

And remember! Everyone's Regalia is unique to the individual who made it. Depending on which Nation/Tribe you come from, the protocols for caring for your dress can vary. No matter the style of variation, all Regalia is sacred, and traditional.  It's always your responsibility to connect with a mentor or teacher from your Nation/Tribe to help you and teach you. 

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For Women- Low rise and high waisted options

Ribbon Shorts Pattern

Jingle Dress Dance: Traditionally a healing dance from the Ojibwe nation. 

Jingle Dress Regalia

My Patterns Includes:

  • Simple Dress

  • Moccasins

  • Leggings (optional)

  • Hair Ties with Otters

  • Choker 

  • Headband

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For Women, children and toddlers

Ribbon Skirt Pattern


- Tall Version XS-4XL 34"-36" long

-Tea Length XS-4XL 26"-30" long

-Junior Girls 7/8-15/16 20"-26" long

-Toddler Girls 2T-6T  15.5"-19.5" Long

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Traditional Regalia:

Traditional Dance Regalia

My Patterns Includes:



Fancy Shawl

My Patterns Includes:

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Yellow and Black Teacher Photo Graphic Google Classroom Announcement.png

Grass Dance: 

Grass Dance Regalia


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How Will You Personalize Your Regalia?

Customize your design with colours, fabrics, beadwork, appliqué and accessories so you can tell your own story in your own way.

When you personalize your Regalia with colours, symbols and materials that are meaningful to you, your Regalia can tell a story.


Your story can inspire the healing journey of others in your community, and revitalize the cultural traditions that are our birthright.

What story will you share with the world? 

- Your connection to your community
- Your healing journey
- Your relationship with the land 
- Your family history 
- The values you live by 


Coming soon!

There's a beautiful life waiting for you when you 
immerse yourself in your culture. 

It's time to come home. 
Start the journey today with others who are reclaiming their culture through Regalia-making. 

Imagine How It Would Feel 
to Be Fully Immersed in Your Culture

To feel connected to other people in your community.

To feel confident and beautiful dancing at a powwow.

To discover a new part of yourself when you're reunited with your culture.

To gain insight and guidance from elders.

To know about your history.

How could this change your life?

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