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Regalia Patterns and Monthly Subscription

Make Your Own Regalia. Learn from an Anishinaabe Instructor. 
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Regalia-Making Video Classes

Monthly Subscription

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Boozhoo, hello!

For many Indigenous people, colonialism has severed our connection to powwow culture. In my virtual Regalia-making courses you’ll learn how to sew your own Regalia so you can participate in a powwow circle. Learning our sacred culture can help you reconnect to the land, each other and yourself. 

Video Classes on Monthly Membership
Watch. Learn. Grow.

It would be my honour to walk with you through this process.I designed this library of video content to teach you how to design, cut and sew your own Regalia.

Step by step. Easy to Follow. Lots of room for mistakes, practice and personalized touches.

Get full access to my video library now.

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Making Regalia
Dancing Powwow
Keeping our Ancestral Wisdom Alive
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